A fusion of Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Consultancy to enhance your Business, Marketing, and Innovation capabilities.


We partner and collaborate with you to deliver training for your customers and stakeholders.

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Partnership & Collaboration

Utilise our existing courses, or we will work with you to develop exciting new offerings that empower and educate your customers & stakeholders. 

We are an award winning training company, known for our ability to develop outstanding training programmes in collaboration with our partners, and adapt the content to match the audience participants' needs, to deliver a unique experience for attendees.

We care deeply about empowering people to be self sufficient, to have personal autonomy, build resilience, and to have developed their individual financial well-being.

Courses we currently deliver

We deliver a range of courses for our partners (which leverage our business, marketing and money expertise), to help their customers improve their own lives and livelihoods. If you have customers or stakeholders that could benefit from our expertise, we love developing courses, webinars and resources that help enhance the lives of others.

We are part of The Active Organisation Ltd. Our mission is to empower individuals to obtain health, wealth and the necessary skills so that they have resilience, autonomy, self-respect, self-determination, self sufficiency, and financial independence - to the extent that they can then 'give back', inspire others, and be actively contributing to their communities.

Business Startup Training

Six week, hands on, motivational and inclusive course to help your customers/stakeholders start their own business.

This innovative course approaches business startup training in a unique way and is all about building attendees' confidence to get started and to then innovate and grow incrementally as they trade, find their feet and gradually extend their comfort zone.

Course Details

By the end of this course, the attendees will have a clear understanding of:

  • What their business is... and isn't.
  • Who their customer is... and isn't
  • What transformation their product/service actually fulfils and how they do it 'unlike' anyone else.
  • How to market to those customers with the right message
  • How to get marketing assets created on a minimal budget.
  • How to have a structured pricing and cash-flow that will return a profit
  • How to plan, organise and schedule their work so they can keep moving forward.

Most of all, this course gives attendees the confidence, mindset, support and clarity to take the necessary steps forward to make the new and difficult choices that will, eventually, improve their lives.



"​I honestly can't express how useful it was today (and all the sessions so far) in helping me to unravel some of the issues that I have been grappling with"


 "​I was excited to begin the course as I had heard of Adam and how inspiring he was, and how he gets people motivated. I was not disappointed!"


"The course has a great structure.  Challenging for someone who is starting out as a Sole trader, but clear enough and focused on the practical side. Very grateful that I signed up for it. Highly recommended!"


"​I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt so much. I feel confident and motivated to carry on starting my business and know that this is the way ahead for me. I am very thankful."


"This course equipped me with knowledge and key learning points, most importantly the confidence to proceed with my project. "


"Adam Clark you are AWESOME! What a great session with you - thank you!"

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