A fusion of Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Consultancy to enhance your Business, Marketing, and Innovation capabilities.


Ooba Creative is a ‚ÄčTraining, Coaching, Mentoring & Consultancy company. We deliver experiences that upskill your people to take on even greater challenges, and thrive in an ever changing world

There's something you should know.

The team at Ooba Creative have all been selected for a number of reasons. As you would expect, the "usual things" such as their personality, expertise, outstanding career success, training capabilities etc. All amazing.

But there is something else that we look for in every one of our trainers/coaches.


Massive, life-changing, gut-hollowing, sleep-haunting failure.

We believe that until someone has felt the horror of seeing everything they have worked towards slip through their fingers, and come back from that, they can't truly deliver the courses and coaching we provide.

For us, if someone says they have only experienced success, they are either liars or just lucky. And, either way, they wont have the deep empathy, understanding, or the level of creativity and problem solving we require to deliver for our clients - many of which have complex, overlapping challenges that needs more insight than just delivering cliche coaching phrases or bog standard training courses.

At Ooba, we bring real world scenarios, experience and empathy to the room. Passionately aiming to empower our clients to be able to tackle the complexities of the world and be successful.


Adam Clark

BA (Hons) Marketing
Lead trainer, consultant, and coach.

With over 25 years of experience in advertising, marketing, digital marketing, graphics design and web development, the role of consultant, coach, problem solver, innovator, creative and business/marketing advisor means that Adam brings hands-on, real-world experience and expertise to help you with your business and marketing.

An award winning trainer, Adam is known for his ability to develop outstanding training programmes in collaboration with our partners, and adapt the content to match the audience participants needs 'in the moment', to deliver a unique experience for attendees.

He has enabled hundreds of small businesses to start, launch, grow and be successful, and has helped raise a total of over £7m in startup funding for a wide range of clients - from software/tech to NHS initiatives.

Adam cares deeply about empowering people to be self sufficient, have personal autonomy, build resilience, and to have developed their individual financial well-being.

Let us share our experience, knowledge and skills with you to help you with your business, marketing & innovation.

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