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Everything I have done has been as part of a team. Whether I was in charge, working for a boss (or client) or a network of interested collaborators, I could not have achieved anything without the people around me. That is why I say, "I have helped...". Or, with employees, I say that they work "with" me... not "for" me. Success is almost always a collaboration and about having talented, experienced people to work with (and for).

My unique ability to understand complexity and make it simple - be that business, marketing, technical issues, software or the web... and then be able to generate ideas, messaging, clarity and workable plans. This  is how I make the difference for my clients.

Just some achievements.

  • I helped write the British Airways internal marketing training manual whilst still at University.
  • I got a Marketing Degree (I didn't realise this was an achievement, until I found out so few people in marketing have any qualifications)
  • I have helped countless companies launch and grow. Actually, over the last 20+ years, it's so many, I've Iost count. But here's a small selection:
    • My first marketing role, we grew an engineering company from £2.4million to £3million in 2 years.
    • I recently helped take a company from startup to £1m turnover in 3.5years.
    • I saved a £10m company almost £1million/year in excess costs with one simple plan. They didn't need to grow... they just needed to sort their warehouse/deliveries, damages & returns out.
    • I grew my own design agency from zero to £250K in 3 years.
    • I recently helped a charity re-work their business model and grow from £80k to £120k in 2 years
    • I helped a small business double their profit by focusing on selling their most profitable products, increasing prices based in improved brand perception and messaging.
    • From 2018-2021, I helped grow a manufacturing business from £1.8m to £2.4m
    • Worked with the NHS to launch award winning team at Guys & St Thomas' hospital. Helping with messaging, branding, presentations, website and communication with partners & stakeholders.
    • Worked with NHS in Newbury to define care pathways and turn complex flows into visualisations. And then role that out across the teams as training days.
  • I've helped conceptualise, scope, have built, and launched multiple eCommerce sites, membership sites and apps for clients - including recently helping deliver an app (managing fire alarms) for COP26 in Glasgow.
  • I have trained over 2000 people in marketing, business and money generation.
  • I have helped businesses, charities and organisations raise over £7million in startup funding in the last 20 years.
  • I have helped launch award winning national campaigns for global sports brands, electronics companies and a (very) well known UK charity.
  • I have worked with some of the largest, well-known brands in the world. And a tonne of cash-strapped unknown startups. And everything in between.

Most of all, though, I have helped real people achieve amazing things. The reason I now only work with startups and companies up to £5million is that this section of the economy (a) actually needs more help and (b) it is far more rewarding helping someone reclaim their life (and save their marriage) than it is to look at a large European Ad Campaign and say, "I did that". I like being closer to the business, because that is how I can help most. Marketing isn't a separate activity - it is part of the bigger business-model and business-plan picture, and it needs to be integrated. That's a whole lot easier to do in an SME than for a global sports brand.

I love what I do. And that is helping you launch and grow your business, and have the success you deserve. It may sound corny to say so but, the words, "Thank You" and knowing that I have helped make a difference, are way more valuable to me than the final cheque.




I made contact with Adam at a point where my business was beginning to struggle. We had grown quite quickly over the recent past, partly due to diversifying into multiple related business areas. One side effect of this growth was losing clarity of how the business was performing financially, as I was at a stage where I was too busy keeping up with the day-to-day operations. After a significant amount of time of working all the hours under the sun (and moon) and taking very precious little money out of the business, I was ready to throw in the towel!!

After speaking to Adam for no more than a few hours, he had made some very insightful observations with our business model, identifying some of its flaws together with the positive areas which needed to be further exploited.

We developed a short-term and medium-term plan to make some changes that enabled us to maximise on our existing leverage, whilst increasing profit and allowing time for further business development and innovation. Following this, I initiated some significant changes (some of which were very hard at first) which started seeing positive results very quickly.

A year on, we have now increased our revenue by approximately 50% whilst almost doubling our profit margins. I now also have far more time for myself outside the business which in turn has made me, my family and my staff a whole lot happier.

I thoroughly recommend Adam as a business consultant to assist in such matters.

Kristian Westerhold

Managing Director, Red Current Ltd

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