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"Empowering you to navigate the complex world of business and marketing."

We believe that running your own business is the journey that takes you to a wealthy, happier life - financially and emotionally.

And that running a business is simpler and easier than many people think.

But, to start with, like any skill, business and marketing can seem complicated, uncertain and daunting. And getting it wrong can have serious consequences.

We work with microbusiness and startups who are in need of a guide to help navigate through the complexity and provide a helping hand.

We understand the fears, uncertainties and worry that arise when making such important decisions in a new activity - and we know this can impact on our ability to succeed.

So, we aim to inspire and encourage you to take control of your life, embrace the challenges ahead, and we help you break down challenges into smaller chunks and develop the pathways you need towards your success.

We do this by providing you with as much hands-on, face-to-face, real-world training, coaching and mentoring services that we can. Focusing on business, marketing and technology.

These are delivered for you through our deep commitment to our communities/groups, events, webinars, courses and products - and our belief in a better tomorrow. For everyone.

Our communities, events, webinars, courses and products provide you with:


We help you see through the fog. What are the real issues? What are those few things that, if achieved, will make the biggest difference? What will bring you the most stability, time and profit? We help define the actual problems that need solving (that lurk underneath) and see passed the the 'consequences', which are, often, blurring the path to success.


You get more of what you focus on. We help you focus away from the 'problem' and onto the 'problem solving'. It's a shift in thinking which makes a massive difference. We work with you to define what needs to be done, in what order, by who and by when? At a granular level. Sometimes, we can all become too close to our own project/business/team (and too concerned to get everything done at once) so that we're actually getting less done than we should. It's all become urgent and important, right? We help you break it down and navigate a way through it all.


Once we have clarity and focus, we help you innovate things. The undeniable truth is that you can't grow or rescue your business without innovation. Using Design Thinking, we can help you with any part of your business. Marketing and Sales is our forté but, whatever the area of the business, we have the experience and team to help you 'design' the plan and strategy required.

Training & Mentoring

We used to do the work for clients. But, now-a-days, with all the great (often free) software out there, you can do it easily. Now, our focus  is on empowering you and your team - so you don't need us. Our preference is always to provide you with the tools, insights and capabilities to tackle complex challenges yourself.

Hands-on Help

Everything we do is aimed at "behing available" and "being in the room" as much as possible. If we do a webinar - it's live. If you've joined the free community/group, then we will be contributing, commenting and helping. If you're doing an online course, we're still here to ask questions. We do everything possible to try not to offload or automate everything to the point where you're not feeling that you're getting great support and service.


"Adam explores your business with you and helps you find areas where you can make a real impact without a huge investment. All this is achieved in a relaxed and collaborative manner. In our first session with Adam we identified the area of focus. By the end of the second session, there was a plan in place. We achieved ROI within one month and our business has bought into a wholly new approach."

Michael Halliday

University Technical College (Reading)

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