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Marketing Mastery

A journey into how wealth works, the habits of rich people and the habits needed to make your first million.

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Who is this course for?

When I first set up my advertising agency in 2001, I wanted to bring big marketing thinking to smaller business. This mission still hasn't changed. It's just I am going to show you how to do it for yourself rather than you paying me to do it for you. Because it isn't rocket science.

This course is for you if:

  • You are running an SME and you need to grow. You know you need to 'do marketing' but it all looks hugely time consuming and you're not sure where to invest your time, energy and resources.
  • You're already doing marketing, but it isn't as effective as you'd like. It's a bit chaotic or reactionary. You're not working to a strategic plan as much as you'd like to, and you're unable to really predict the outcomes.
  • You are a marketing manager in a small or mediums sized business and you've been asked to put together a marketing plan. You are looking at dozens of things you 'could' do – but what's going to get results? (PS: Don't tell your boss. Just do this course and become the marketing super-hero!).
  • You've been promoted into marketing but you don't have any deep marketing experience or qualifications. This actually happens a lot. You were in something like customer services. Someone saw your capability and potential. And somehow you've landed in marketing. And you need to walk the walk and rapidly up-skill. You could do a CIM course but it's all theory and checklists and doesn't give you the practical/hands-on/real-world insights you're going to (rather quickly) need.
  • You're looking for investment and you need to demonstrate to potential investors that you have a serious (and practical) plan for customer acquisition.

With over 25 years experience of working in (and running) advertising, marketing, graphics design and digital agencies - as well as working 'client side' helping numerous SMEs grow, I throw my heart and sole into this course – delivering and sharing everything I can, so you end up knowing what I know. As well as this, the course shares with you not just what you are 'supposed' to do, but also what you can leave out. With examples and anecdotes and practical thinking to back it all up.

A lot of things in marketing have been over-hyped or made overly complex (partly by marketing agenies so they can charge clients their fees!). If you want to have a clear understanding of what it's all about and how it all breaks down (and comes back together) so you are able to do the strategic thinking AND the planning AND the hands on executables, then this course is right for you.

What you'll learn and get from this course.

As with most of our training, we approach things from multiple angles, and each section builds on the previous section. The main sections are: the theory, the strategic deliverables, storytelling, marketing activities, marketing materials, marketing automation and marketing planning/execution.

So, as you can see, we start with theory, concepts and the overarching landscape to set the scene and give you a top-level view of the road-map ahead. Then we take you into the work of delivering awesome marketing results with real-world, tangible, hands-on executables that are proven to get results.

What's covered in this course?

  • The Theory
    • What is Marketing?
    • Marketing Assets to create leverage
    • The Marketing Mix
    • The Marketing Communications Mix
  • Strategic Deliverables
    • Integration is key
    • The First 5 Elements
      • Customer Empathy Map
      • Value Proposition
      • Messaging & Positioning Strategy
      • MarComms Process Map – out
      • Customer Journeys – in
    • Mix Integration
    • 15 Successes of of a Marketing Master
  • Storytelling
    • The Hero's Journey
    • S.T.E.P.P.S
    • Copywriting (Sales Letter)
  • Marketing Activities
    • Advertising
      • Traditional
      • Digital (PPC) Advertising
        • Google Ads
        • Facebook Ads
        • LinkedIn Ads
    • Sales Promotion (really?)
    • Sales
    • Direct Marketing & Email Marketing
    • PR & Sponsorship
    • Using social Media
    • Using Influencers & OPN
    • Blogs, YouTube
  • Key Marketing Materials
    • Brand
    • Logo
    • Imagery
    • Business Cards
    • Brochure
    • Website
    • Email Footers
    • Social Media graphics
    • Signage
  • Marketing Automation
    • CRMs
    • Email Campaigns
  • Putting it all together
    • Constructing your Marketing and Marketing Communications Plan
    • Outsourcing

How much is this course?

As with all our courses, we have done everything in our power to keep the prices as low as possible. We're deeply aware that startups, micro-businesses and SMEs don't always have the budgets to pay for big, expensive courses.

One of the challenges we have had with this course is that the prices is only £200 + VAT = £240. And people have actually said, “It can't be that good if it's so cheap”. But, we're adamant to keep the price affordable to even the smallest of companies.


What we can say is that, if you sign up for the course and you genuinely don't think you got £240 (inc VAT) worth of value, we'll be completely stunned. And we'll refund you immediately. No quibble. So, in reality, you have nothing to lose.

Marketing Mastery Course