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Zero to Hero – Biz Launch Startup

Whether you have recently started your business, just thinking about starting a business or maybe been trading for a year or two but need focus, this course gives you the step-by-step guide to getting things set up properly. Too many people start a business without the fundementals in place and wonder why they are struggling. Now's the time to take action.

Course Overview

We believe that, with enough enthusiasm and tenacity, almost anybody can do almost anything. We'll be providing a huge amount of enthusiasm and also a large amount of content. The goal is to equip attendees with as high a level of knowledge, insight and tools as possible, without overwhelming them.

We do this by incrementally increasing the complexity, depth and breadth of knowledge/skills/understanding whilst providing high levels of support in an inclusive, non-judgemental, and fun environment.

By the end of this course, the attendee will have a clear understanding of:

  1. What their business is... and isn't.
  2. Who their customer is... and isn't
  3. What transformation their product/service actually fulfils and how they do it unlike anyone else.
  4. How to market to those customers with the right message
  5. How to get marketing assets created on a minimal budget.
  6. How to have a structured pricing and cash-flow that will return a profit
  7. How to plan, organise and schedule their work so they can keep moving forward.

Most of all, by the end of this course, you will feel confident and empowered that you are worthy of running a business, worthy of earning significant incomes, and confident that you can achieve it. You will understand that business is about taking knock-backs, rejections, failures and muck-ups and see them as simply 'learning experiences'... and be OK with that, so you can move forward and do it again better next time.

Ultimately, the aim is that, by completing this course, you will have everything you need to start trading with confidence. 



"​I honestly can't express how useful it was today (and all the sessions so far) in helping me to unravel some of the issues that I have been grappling with"


 "​I was excited to begin the course as I had heard of Adam and how inspiring he was, and how he gets people motivated. I was not disappointed!"


"The course has a great structure.  Challenging for someone who is starting out as a Sole trader, but clear enough and focused on the practical side. Very grateful that I signed up for it. Highly recommended!"

Section 1

By the end of the first section, you will have a clear insight into:

  • What makes a business succeed/fail.
  • What makes a business mindset
  • Business is easier than many people think.
  • The concepts of business (i.e. Management, Operations, Accounting/Finance, Marketing/Sales)
  • What we'll be doing in the next 5 weeks and the structure in detail
  • An overview of the Micro Business Model Canvas (mBMC) - to be worked on as homework.

Does this course sound good to you, or maybe for your stakeholders?

This course is currently available as a 6 week programme, run in co-horts of 12 attendees. It will be available as an online course soon. If you'd like to attend (or you'd like one of your customers/stakeholders to attend) or just want more information, please do get in touch. Call us on 01256 578007 or drop us an email at hi@oobacreative.co.uk.