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The brutal realities of passive income vs active income

Passive income has become the golden goal for everyone. And we see the same trend in marketing, where people seem to seek quick and easy tactics - free tricks to achieve success. But people who run successful businesses don't have this mindset. Want to know why?

The brutal reality about passive income

These are just some of the ideas you can find on the Internet when you look for passive income. But let's be honest for a second. Every single one of these ideas requires either a huge amount of money to buy the asset upfront (think about buying a rental property, for example) or a considerable amount of work in order for you to make some money. Or both. 

For example, if you have a YouTube channel, getting to one thousand followers and then making $5k or so per month isn't easy! It's not realistic, either. It might take a good couple of years for your YouTube channel to pick up. Similarly, if you have a podcast, you won't gain any sponsorship until you have a certain amount of followers. You might need to learn about social media, spend time on ads, and more!

All of the above passive income ideas require a considerable amount of maintenance, management, monitoring, and admin. You might need to learn a number of skills upfront, and with everything you'll have to manage to keep going, you'll be left feeling like you're running a very messy and complicated business.

So what can you do instead?