Sales is tricky. Especially when selling product in today's ever faster online world. Lacey's sales team took me up on my free 30-40min talk on Creativity, Innovation, Disruption and Collaboration. Why? Because they see their clients as more than just sales numbers and want to look after them at a deeper level than just what products they're buying.

A really dynamic and varied team who were already having some great ideas, I had the pleasure of being a bit early and being able to listen in on their challenges, stories and goals. It was a big help because I utilised some of those stories into the presentation and the end result was some great interaction which, I hope, made the content even more relevant to their needs.

My goal for the session was definitely achieved - get some great pics, get some feedback and customer-insight (that's 'empathy' !) and enthuse/inspire as many people as possible to think about how being creative and solving problems is something we can all do when shown how.

I really hope to be invited back to facilitate some workshops with Laceys and get even deeper into helping them.

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