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This week, we're introducing a bit of Discipline stuff.

I do a lot of work on Discipline. And I have mainly been using a bunch of strategies and tactics on myself to make a serious difference.

My aim is to turn these into a programme for people. But, for now, I will be sharing some of the executable tactics that pop up as I do them. If I remember to blog them. As blogging is a discipline/habit that I need to work on.

So... one element of our business/marketing model is all about Leverage. Another is Innovation. And you can't practice leverage or innovation if you aren't making enough Profit to free you up to have enough Time.

BUT.... one thing you can do is spend some time freeing up time in the first place. Yep. You're wasting a shed load of it. I know I still do.

Now... I wont go into the details here, but time management isn't what you need. It's self management. All the key motivators (from Brian Tracy to Tony Robbins all agree). Everyone has the same amount of time. So, why do some people get more done than others - - self management.

This post is to share one simple thing you can do to free up your time. Ditch social media.

If you have read any of my blogs on the website you'll know that Apple has never tweeted and social media only accounts for about 7% of product/service recommendations. Boom! It may be fun but it ain't necessarily doing you any good.

So, I have spent this morning trawling through all of my Facebook friends, groups, pages etc that I have liked or followed over the years and just stripped it out. Any friends who I haven't seen for years - - or are just "friends of friends" who I only met like once... and they just post cats and shizzle.. Binned. Any pages or groups that I am not interacting with regularly.. Binned. And, I am a member of a (awesome) networking group that seems to now have become 3 Facebook pages AND the two people who run it also re-share everything. So... Keep them as friends.. but change my notification settings... Then just keep the primary notifications to the central one group that I joined in the first place.

And someone else seems to think that he should create a new Facebook page for every town he happens to work in. And then posts the same content in each page. Not sure how I managed following all of them... Bin them all except one? Actually... bin all of them? Nah .. keep one. They are a friend after all.

So... I encourage you to get rid of ANYTHING that is pinging in your pocket. I'll talk about Decision Fatigue another time, but all those notifications are chewing on your brain like a hoard of mindless minions.

I also uninstalled LinkedIn App off my phone. So nice !

Peace and quiet... enough time to even get round to writing this blog. Yay !

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