Through pain comes creativity - and energy

In the last 2 years, I have met a lot of business people. I've coached a few. And many have come to my seminars.

So, I met up with a few people yesterday in Reading. I made a day of it with some back-to-back meeting up with great people. And we chatted and ranted and put the worlds to rights. And discussed business.

And something struck me during my lunchtime meeting (over a healthy orange, apple and ginger smoothie I hasten to add) that there are some people who have all their business blocks stacked up nicely. They have some cash in the bank. They have a perfect brand story. They have got hugely credible experience... they have a nice website... and they are struggling.

Alternatively, there are people who actually haven't really thought about their business to such a massive extent. They don't have a long historical back story. They have zero cash in the bank. They are flying by the seat of their pants.... and they are rocking!



No one decided to invent an umbrella if there wasn't rain.

When high flying sales guys or entrepreneurs keep making money way beyond their daily financial needs, it is often because there is a deep, emotional pain that keeps them going. How much is enough? It's never enough ! Without the business buzz - - or the extra £$£$ in their account they feel terrified - - - so they work, work work and get things done.

When people get up and do huge amounts with their life and contribute so much to the region, it is because the problems, causes and challenges actually cause them some kind of pain - - they feel motivated to try and fix it.

But, most people, if they are comfortable, tend to get to a point where they are have enough to live on - maybe 3 month's or a year's money in the bank.... And then they ease off. And, any ex-corporate employee with a nice big golden handshake just struggles to find the oomph to really get their lean startup off the ground - They are just not in enough pain.

When coaching, it suddenly dawned on me the other day to ask, "[ClientName] - do you happen to have some sneaky money stashed away?".... Yep.....  They had 6 month's living money in the bank. Boom ! I realised straight away that the fear of picking up the phone and prospecting was way way way bigger than the fear of losing his house. So, the sales weren't getting done. A slow death of his business (or up until the money runs out) is potentially on the cards.


Find some pain. Find some fear. Or find a higher reason for getting out there. Stash any excess "buffer money" somewhere where you can't get it - so you feel more driven. To start with... you don't need your business model to be perfect. You don't need your website to be perfect. You don't need your offering to be perfect. What you must do though... is get out there and get customers.

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