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Why hire me as your business and marketing consultant?

I have been doing this for 20+ years. In just one or two hour sessions, I have the experience, skills, ability and creativity to get a deep insight into your situation and provide high-calibre, high-value, business changing ideas and marketing solutions.

It may sound confident (and I am), but the value I will provide will far outweigh the investment. Many times over.

I have a talent for breaking down complex, over-lapping, multi-dimensional problems and helping find simple, practical 'can do' solutions to help you navigate through the challenges.

I have the experience to be able to refer back and cross reference against hundreds of clients I have worked with in the past - giving you access to a huge pool of insight and awareness as to what solutions can help you.

Quite simply, I get you results. Rapidly. And I believe it's worth every penny.

Does this really work?

Often people are concerned that their problem is too unique and that a 1 or 2 hour session wont be enough to make progress.

But, my track record speaks for itself.

So, I guarantee that you'll end the session with great advice, and easily get way more than the price of the session.

Guarantee ? Really?

100%. If you are not happy with the session and think that you didn't get awesome advice, ideas, help and/or actions that you can take away with you and generate considerably more £££, then we offer a "no quibble money back guarantee".

What's the process?

  1. Contact us. We'll have a 'no obligation' conversation and I can answer any concerns/questions you may have.
  2. After that, if you want to go ahead, you provide us with as much information, documentation and details as possible. (We'll provide you with some headings to give you a framework)
  3. We read through this info before our video call starts.
  4. On the video call, we rapidly work with you to confirm the reality/depth/core-concern of the problem.
  5. We help generate ideas and solutions to get through it.
  6. You leave with an action plan of things you can execute and help solve your problems.

 It's that simple. Cost effective business consultancy at your fingertips.

What happens afterwards?

Of course, we want you to keep coming back and asking us for help. So, we make sure we remember who you are! You are not just a small cog in a big wheel. We keep a log of the call in our Support System and, should you need any further/additional assistance, we will have that available for the next time so we can build on your experience. You are a consultancy client... not just a call. We're here to help.

"I’ve worked with Adam and Ooba for a couple of years now - dipping in and out of his knowledge and experience as and when I need it.

He’s helped me develop new ideas for my business and helped me close ideas down that without his support I may have held onto for too long wasting time, energy and money.

Adam has helped me to develop thought processes, products and services and a strategy that pulls it all together.

The service I get from Adam is always helpful, friendly, flexible and more importantly, makes a difference to both me and my business."

Peter Wakefield

Managing Director, Loving Monday Ltd

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