£1m formula.

Who is this course for?

I have taught this course to a very wide range of people, from hugely diverse backgrounds. All sharing some common thoughts - such as:

  • There must be something I'm missing about money.
  • How come some people are making so much money and I am not?
  • Is making money really this hard?
  • There must be a better way to provide for my life/family etc
  • Maybe I could start a business. (But I have zero insight, knowledge or experience of it and it seems too risky/difficult/scary)
  • I feel that making money must difficult/complex. If it was simple, everyone would be doing it, right?
  • I feel that business requires some kind of special insight or complex maths which I just don't get.

Maybe you just want to be making £2000 a month. Or £5000 a month. So, forget £1m just for a second. Are you making £5000+ a month fairly easily? Or, do you at least have a clear idea of how on earth you'll be doing it? If you are at a loss as to how to even start, then this is the course for you.

What you'll get from this course

  • It is an introductory course that will open your mind to money.
  • I'll take you on a journey. Built in easy-to-grasp layers that incrementally progress you and your mindset. That mindset shift is from  "£1m seems hard" to "This is actually achievable".
  • The realisation that if £1m is achievable, then earning £60k/year or £120k/year will now seem very do-able.
  • I explain why highstreet/domestic thinking has brainwashed us and how this effects our ability to make money.
  • I explain why the system is structured against us: "job + save + pension = retire" doesn't work. You can't win that way, and I show you the alternatives.
  • I give you a detailed insight into what rich people do, how they behave and, most importantly, how they think. And it is probably very different to how 'normal' people think. But it's not rocket science.
  • You'll understand how companies make excess profit and what startup companies do with that profit.
  • I'll show you what I think is the only option available to us 'normal people' to make serious £$£$£$£ 

What's covered in the course?

The course content is:

  1. Introduction
  2. Is £1million a lot of money?
  3. Is £1million hard to make?
  4. Setting the Scene
  5. What about Compound Interest?
  6. What do rich people do?
  7. What else do rich people do?
  8. Five Things (this is so important)
  9. The £1m Formula Explained 01
  10. The £1m Formula Explained 02
  11. Don't "Markup" - Multiply!
  12. Oh No. This all seems way too hard.
  13. You can do this. Wrap up.

How much is the course?

It is 100% free. No catch. No hard sell.

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