Basingstoke Business Support Meetup

“Monthly marketing advice, support & ideas - whilst helping each other grow.“

Basingstoke is a great town. There's lots going on. But, if you're an established business owner running a £250k - £5m business, there seems to be a 'support gap' - especially where marketing is concerned.

Maybe you'd like to meet similar sized local business owners, who you can openly discuss your marketing concerns, ideas and challenges with.  A small community where you can get insight, consultancy, advice, strategies, learn new things, share ideas and mutually support each other in our need to grow our businesses.

With over 30 years in marketing and business, Adam will be on hand to provide advice and creative solutions to your individual concerns throughout the sessions.

The detail

Join us for a session. There's nothing to lose. Here's how it works:

  • We'll quickly introduce everyone who's in the room, why each person is here - so everyone feels welcome and involved. 
  • Then, there will be a short presentation covering a pertinent marketing topic. We will adapt the topics to meet the needs of the group... i.e. your needs.
  • After that, we'll run a short "where are we now?" update round the room. How did ideas from last session help? What's the progress? How can we innovate and support you?
  • We'll then open up for further discussion, questions and concerns... and people can share ideas and start helping one another further.
  • There is an element of accountability to the group as well. Pushing us all to take the actions needed.

Details of next "Basingstoke Marketing Mastermind Meetup"

Format: Board-room style, 'roundtable' - max of 10 people in each mastermind group.
Frequency: 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.
Next Event Date:
Duration: Kickoff at 6.30pm. The session aims to end by 8.30pm. Definitely by 9.30pm latest.
Venue: TBC, Basingstoke


As this is a new meetup group, the sessions will be completely FREE to get things started. Once we have 6 regular members, the structure will be that the sessions are FREE for a person's first two sessions. Then, it will be £160+VAT per month or £100+VAT per session (ad-hoc). Fees will be invoiced and payable within 15days of invoice.

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