8 Week From zero to hero business launch (Hands On)

8 Week From zero to hero business launch (Hands On)


From zero to hero business launch (Hands On)

Whether you have recently started your business, just thinking about starting a business or maybe been trading for a year or two but need focus, this course gives you the step-by-step guide to getting things set up properly. Too many people start a business without the fundementals in place and wonder why they are struggling. Now's the time to take action.


“It’s not just a bog standard business course. It’s a passion of mine to help people who want to ‘step up’. Running a business is easier that many people think.”, ADAM CLARK


Why is running a business so rewarding?

We’re all super busy. Immersed in hectic lives. And life is pretty uncertain right now. Surely starting a business would be a crazy idea? But hear me out. I think it’s the best time to start a business.

Be in control.

Running a business means you’re in the driving seat. Yes, it can be tough. But you’re not at the mercy of a boss. And, if circumstances change, then you can change too. And you’re not stuck wondering what’s going to happen next. You can take pro-active action. And be in control.

Own your time.

Starting a good business means you control your time. You are able to juggle responsibilities, childcare and leisure around you. You set the hours. You set the daily agenda. It’s very liberating.

It’s great for your self esteem.

It’s hard work. And sometimes you’re juggling multiple things and stepping out of your comfort zone. But, when you get through it, it’s incredibly empowering. Your resilience blossoms. Your self esteem shines.

And you can earn more money

Having a job is supposedly safe. But, in my mind, the only safe thing is a paycheck that never quite adds up to be enough - for a lot of your time and commitment. As a business owner, with the right business, you should be able to earn more for your hard work and time. It’s up to you. And, depending on your business idea, there should be no reason why you can’t earn considerably more than in employment.


I think this course will be of huge value.

Not only have I run multiple businesses since 2001, I have also helped hundreds of businesses (from all walks of life) launch, grow and thrive. I have worked with everything from “one person startups with no cash” (and not a clue) to taking people from 5 figure incomes up to 6 figures. And I have worked with multi-million pound business - and global sports brands.

I have seen the highest highs and the lowest lows. I know what it is like to have debilitating fear. I know what it is like to try so hard, and still fail. But I (now) know what it’s like to run a steady, profitable, robust set of businesses.

I would love to help you not make the same mistakes I did. And to help you succeed.

8 week Course. 1½ - 2 hour Zoom session each week.

Firstly, we have a pre-start welcome call to discuss your business, any worries you may have, and get to know you. So, what happens next?

  1. We'll be working on an outline of your business ideas and goals.
  2. We'll be breaking that business into easily manageable chunks (like customers, how to reach them, what we might charge etc)
  3. We cover free technology, systems and software that make our lives a lot easier.
  4. The most important (and toughest week). We look at the numbers. i.e. how are we going to make some real money!
  5. The marketing begins - how do we tell the world about our business and win customers.
  6. More marketing - we create some real world items that will help us win work.
  7. We start our step-by-step action plan so you have your own “success roadmap”
  8. We complete our roadmap, marketing plans and work through any issues that might be holding you back. And you launch!


Your Investment

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Event Information

Event Date 11 May 2021 10:00 am
Event End Date 29 June 2021 12:00 pm
Registration Start Date 02 March 2021
Capacity 12
Places Still Available 12
Cut off date 29 June 2021
Price per person £125.00+VAT

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