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“From uncertainty & worry to confidence & clarity“

The Challenge.

When you're in survival mode, things start taking on a strange dimension. Your brain plays tricks on you. Overlapping, complex issues are constantly in the way of being able to think clearly. It's not fun.

What to do, when, in what order? How long can the business go on for? How much reserves do you have in your energy bank?

Who can you turn to? Who should you tell?

How can you make a clear plan to get out of this chaos, and rebuild a profitable business that you enjoy running.

Mending the ship.

In this webinar, we use the metaphor of a ship. And you are the captain. A ship that's in stormy seas, damaged and (possibly) taking on water. Maybe your business isn't about to completely sink, but you definitely need to rapidly take action in order to take things up a notch. Maybe the sails are just damaged? Maybe the crew isn't pulling their weight? Maybe you've drifted off course and you need to work out how to navigate back. Or maybe you can't make salaries next month, you owe money on the rent, and your biggest client just decided not to go ahead with a major order.

The problem is that, regardless of how big or small your business is, it's up to you. It's become messy, complex, urgent, and there is a lot at stake. On top of that, you have everyone and their spouse chipping in with useless information, who don't fully understand the bigger picture. And you haven't quite got round to tellings some key people (who really need to know), and the longer you leave it, the harder it gets to tell them.

Or worse, you're panicking ... or avoiding the situation. Getting nothing sorted. Diving into the technical details on a projects for way too long to feel busy. Spending time away from the office. Avoiding bills or difficult conversations. 

Well, it's time to step up. And we can help you do that.

The detail

We cover a lot in the webinar. This isn't just a step by step guide. Because, knowing what to do, and actually doing it are completely different things in times of stress. We know, because we have been there. And we've also helped dozens of businesses in the same precarious situation. So, we address relevant 'mindset' issues that face small business owners at this difficult time, and we share crucial concepts to help you rise above the crazymaking, take back control... and move towards a profitable, successful business.


Details of next webinar

Next webinar is: 17th May 2022 at 6.30pm UK time
Duration: 45mins + Q&A
Recording: There will be no replay recording of this webinar. It's a 100% live event.

If you can't attend that date, please just contact us and we can arrange additional slots if necessary.


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