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Monthly 1-to-1 Business & Marketing Support, Mentoring, Coaching & Training

If you really want significant help in your business and marketing success then it doesn't get more hands-on than our monthly 1-to-1 support service. Covering business, marketing and technology, we get to grips with seriously helping you grow - from strategy - to planning - to detailed execution.

100% Personal/Individual Support & Advice

You get:

  • An initial 1-to-1 "Getting to know you" consultancy session (usually ~2hours - max 4hours) and follow up micro-action plan
  • Weekly, scheduled "1hour video mentoring/training calls" (up to 4 per month) ... and
  • Unlimited text, email and message/live-chat support ... and
  • A quarterly extended 1-to-1 planing session
  • Free access to the 30/60/90 day planning workshops (see below)

However, if you need more, you get more:

  • If the scheduled calls need to be a bit longer... no problem
  • If you occasionally need additional calls/support to work through a difficult month... no problem

All we ask is to respect our time, be fair & reasonable, and to take ownership/responsibility for your success. We're here to help... not do it all for you. :-)

Monthly 30/60/90 day Planning/Mastermind Workshops

As part of this service, you are also invited to our dedicated monthly "30/60/90 day planning workshops", where we:

  • Turn off all distractions and properly focus ON our businesses  ... and 
  • Work in a small mastermind team (no more than 5 on the call)  ... and
  • Generate ideas and solutions for each others' challenges ... and 
  • Help each other prioritise goals, and develop a 'practical, detailed & hands-on' action plan for the next 30,60 and 90 days.

These sessions are excellent at driving your business forward and providing you with a blocked out session of time to focus on your business and get results.

They also, over time, start to hold people to account.

Access to the "Members Only Community Group" Included

In the "Members Only Community Group", we have a lot more than the free Facebook Group. For a start, we have a lot more additional Q&A sessions covering a much wider range of specialist topics.

The group tends to have businesses that are up and running rather than just starting, and it's an opportunity to have interaction with more advanced business owners - helping each other through our challenges and to grow our businesses.


The fee is only £500 per month including VAT.

We also offer a "lite" option where we have a reduced number of 2 scheduled "1hour video mentoring/training calls" at  £240 per month including VAT

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Things to Note

  • Regardless of your VAT, business status or geo-location, the fee is £500 per month
  • This service is currently only available for UK based business.

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