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“From uncertainty & worry to confidence & clarity“

The Challenge.

When you're in survival mode, things start taking on a strange dimension. Your brain plays tricks on you. Overlapping, complex issues are constantly in the way of being able to think clearly. It's not fun.

New ideas are nowhere to be seen. What should you do, when, in what order? How long can the business go on for? How much reserves do you have in your energy bank?

Who can you turn to? Who should you tell?

How can you make a clear plan to get out of this chaos, and rebuild a profitable business that you enjoy running, when you're right in the thick of it.

I can help.

Firstly, you could attend out Free Business Bounceback Webinar on how to get it all sorted but, if you need something a bit more urgent and rapidly tailored to your needs, then you need to hire me to get the job done with you.

Many years ago, I built a number of businesses and "blew them up" in spectacular fashion. The consequences were huge - emotionally, physically and financially - and it had a huge impact on, well, everything. It's made me who we are today and the old adage "If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger" is truer than true.

Today, I know what it takes to get your business back on track. Creativity, tenacity and a clear head. And that, is the first thing to go when you are in F-Mode (Freeze, Flight, Fight or Fawn). Coming up with great ideas to get your business back on track is the last thing a business owner is capable of when all that adrenanline, cortisol and fear is flooding your bloodstream. 

You need assistance. At every level. Here's how I can help:

  • I will help you take stock of the situation in a calm and focused way.
  • I will provide strategy and structure that works so you can relax
  • I will help you make an action plan.
  • I will help you change, pivot, react, re-invent and respond as the plan changes rapidly.
  • I will help "set your house in order" with you. I can brief stakeholders, staff, suppliers and even your spouse to set expectations and get their support. You'll need it.
  • I can change the story from one of 'doom and gloom' to one of 'recovery and a better future'.
  • I can help you find new/better ways to source the cash needed to see this through and delay payments to suppliers (with a genuine intention to pay them!) while we fix the problems.
  • I can help reshape the business model into a profitable enterprise again.

All for an affordable, fixed fee that can be paid in installments.

So, if you need help, please don't delay. The sooner we can get your business back on track, the more likely we are to succeed. Please call me on 01256 578007.





"I’ve worked with Adam and Ooba for a couple of years now - dipping in and out of his knowledge and experience as and when I need it.

He’s helped me develop new ideas for my business and helped me close ideas down that without his support I may have held onto for too long wasting time, energy and money.

Adam has helped me to develop thought processes, products and services and a strategy that pulls it all together.

The service I get from Adam is always helpful, friendly, flexible and more importantly, makes a difference to both me and my business."

Peter Wakefield

Managing Director, Loving Monday Ltd

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